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Our Families

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As a parent you want your child to be happy and achieve the best they can in academic subjects, through sport and in a creative sense. I feel that Hatcham Temple Grove offers all of this and my children are happy, so that makes me happy.

There is a real sense of community at the school and you are welcomed as part of that community. The teachers are lovely and approachable and you feel that you can really speak to them. It’s clear that there is a real investment in the facilities at the school, and although that’s not everything a school should be about, it does reassure you that they will be safe, stimulated and energised. I think Louie has developed more academically with the structure and support, whilst he is also able to thrive with the physical activities. We’ve really enjoyed seeing them enjoy learning about the Gingerbread Man and have fun with events like Crazy Sock Day. Louie particularly enjoyed the Florence Nightingale trip and is able to teach the family facts about the Crimean War. I am really happy with Hatcham Temple Grove and so pleased that we chose the school for our children.

Amira Tawfieg, mum of Louie and Elodie in Reception and Year 2


I love that that the children are taught the school values each week. It means that there is more to teaching than just the academic. The children are learning about bigger concepts like inclusivity, respect, kindness and responsibility.

There hasn’t been one moment that makes us feel proud - for us, it’s all about the little moments like the plays, the shows, art work brought home. Jasmine was made a role model for her kindness to other children, which was very special and of course, I am always a proud dad when Noah achieves top marks in mathematics too!

When we were looking at moving into the area, we looked at primary schools and felt like Hatcham Temple Grove, with its local, outstanding reputation would be perfect and so the school actually determined where we moved. We haven’t been disappointed. There is an academic emphasis but also encourages the children to be creative. We both speak French and Spanish, so it’s been great that the children are learning German – they can teach us! We have been genuinely impressed with the staff who built a relationship with the children before they started through home visits. Miss Gyimah has created a school with structure and discipline, but leads with empathy.

Joseph and Shamina Ofu, mum and dad of Noah in Year 4 and Jasmine in Year 2

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