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ASSEMBLIES week four 

Full Playlist for all year groups





Somewhere Only We Know

Frog went a courting


ASSEMBLIES week three

 Full Playlist for all year groups




Soma Kijana lyrics

Those Magnificent Men lyrics

Amani Utupe lyrics


Monday 11th May 2020

Dear HTG ,

 I do hope you are enjoying participating from home in the singing assemblies? You should watch them in order so that you have time to learn each song first. Please look at the activities already uploaded in the music folder and also new this week:

Hatcham mass performance of Something Inside So Strong.

This song is on the KS2 singing assembly. Lyrics and backing track here. Film yourself singing either one verse or one chorus of the song (any longer will be too large to attach) and ask your parents to send to me  I need your parents permission to do this which is why they, not you, need to send it to me. Deadline for sending to me is Friday 15th May

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

This is my favourite Hans Christian Anderson story which you can read here and watch the amazing Disney animation using the wonderful music of Shostakovitch’s famous 2nd Piano Concerto. The activities are aimed at years 2-6 but many younger children may enjoy listening to parents read the story and watch the video with them.

Year 3, keep learning the recorder using this website

Years 4-6 continue with any of the activities you enjoy from the April and May challenge pages and Lark Ascending. 

If you want more, check out BBC Ten Pieces at home

Ten-Pieces at Home Here you will find weekly activities. Each includes a Ten Pieces film to watch and enjoy and a linked creative activity that you can complete at home without any special materials or preparation. A perfect, simple and easy way to keep listening, enjoying and creating music at this time.

Do send me anything you’ve learned, enjoyed doing, recordings of yourself singing or playing or anything you want more of  to t.freeburn@haaf.org.uk

 More to follow next week…


Stay well, stay safe,


Mrs Freeburn


 ASSEMBLIES week two

 Full Playlist for all year groups




Skye Boat song(slower)backing track

Somewhere Over the Rainbow backing track

Somewhere Over the Rainbow words and music sheet

Somewhere Over the Rainbow lyrics

Somewhere Over The Rainbow(Cello)

I Can Sing a Rainbow lyrics

Those Magnificent Men backing track

Something Inside So Strong backing track

The Steadfast Tin Soldier activity

The Steadfast Tin Soldier story







Skye Boat (recorder)

Skye Boat song

Skye Boat Learning Stages (piano, keyboard and guitar)

Skye Boat (piano, keyboard and guitar)

Skye Boat backing track

A Keelie Performance track


Monday 27th April 2020 

Dear HTG children and parents,

I do hope you are all staying well and safe? I am thinking about you all.

 Please find resources for music activities in May. 

I have designed 2 sizeable listening projects which involve art and literature with activities based around listening to a piece of music. The first one is one of my favourite pieces of music The Lark Ascending. This  project has been designed with all ages in mind and you will find age appropriate activities. There are hyperlinks to the websites. 

Year 3 Keep working on your recorder playing from the Musical minds website (see April)

 For years 4-6, there  is a second document with 14 different music activities . Some activities lead you to The Lark Ascending, other activities are set as contrast. It is likely you may want to continue pursuing some of the composing websites of rhythm or musical games and activities from April- that is fine and good.


More to come soon.  There will be a new listening project in 2 weeks time. Music assembly videos have been made- we are just working out some of the technical challenges of getting them to you. Watch this space! 

Please send me any related work- pictures, films, mp3s of what you have been doing or just send me a message to tell me what you have enjoyed doing. It will help me to plan interesting things next time. t.freeburn@haaf.org.uk


Mrs Freeburn

The Lark Ascending Remote Home Learning Pack

Music Activities for May (Years 4-6)

Lark Colouring Sheet 1

Lark Colouring Sheet 2

Join The Dots sheet


Friday 17th April 2020

 Dear children, parents and carers of HTG,

Today at 5pm, we will throw open our front doors and windows, and inspire the nation to perform Beethoven's well-known 'Ode to Joy', from his Symphony No. 9, a piece of music with community and joy at its heart. Every performance will be dedicated to people who need a musical pick-me-up at this time: our key workers, NHS staff, or people who feel vulnerable or isolated. Feel free to join in with any instrument, using the following music sheets:

 Ode to Joy-violin

Ode to Joy-clarinet

 Best Wishes

 Theresa Freeburn 



Friday 3rd April 2020


 Dear Parents and HTG children,


I have made a 14 day challenge aimed at years 4-6. If you click here you will be directed to the relevant websites.

 This is intended for you to use throughout the month of April. You can do these activities in any order and revisit websites as much as you wish. 

Please also look at the other activities included in the music folder  as you may enjoy some of those activities.

 It would be great if you can email me  t.freeburn@haaf.org.uk  with any completed compositions, recordings of your performances or give me general feedback about how you are getting on with these, or any of the other activities that have already put in the music folder. It would be great to hear from you. Maybe we can put some of it on the website?  We would only do this with you and your parent's permission.

 Best wishes,


Theresa Freeburn  




 Home Musical Activities for HTG


Key Stage 1 and 2

Bebe Yo song lyrics

Bebe Yo backing track

Bebe Yo YouTube link


A Million Dreams lyrics

A Million Dreams backing track

A Million Dreams YouTube link


Scarborough Fair lyrics

Scarborough Fair backing track


Year 6 

Scheherezade lyrics

Message to Year 6