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Transition to Secondary

Transition to secondary

The transition between primary and secondary school can be both an exciting and stressful time. It occurs at a developmentally sensitive period for children when they are seeking greater independence, are more inclined to look for approval and support from peers, and are beginning to explore who they are.

All pupils need some preparation for transitioning to secondary school. Most will negotiate this stage without problem, but some will need more intensive planning and support.

The differences between primary and secondary schools can be substantial and include:

  • A new, larger school environment and new subjects.
  • A broader network of peer relationships and new social hierarchies.
  • Shifts from primary school classes with one main teacher, to an environment where teachers, classrooms and classmates are constantly changing.

Hatcham Temple Grove is the main 'feeder school' to Hatcham College. We have a strong relationship with our secondary colleagues and regularly meet throughout the academic year to discuss our Year 6 pupils transferring to Hatcham College. We also organise 'taster days' where our primary pupils spend time at the college and become familiar with the teachers, timetable arrangements, expectations and the school buildings. This transition period is hugely beneficial to the pupils. They become less anxious about the move from primary to secondary and are able to meet past pupils who left in previous years. As well as our pupils going to the secondary school to make the transition easier, we invite our secondary colleagues to teach lessons at the primary school to our Year 6 pupils. This gives the pupils an opportunity to see a 'familiar face' on a regular basis so when they do go to secondary school, they already know some of the teachers.